English Classes and Online Courses for Women

An Exclusive Club For Ladies Who Want More:

Learn English faster with daily speaking practice, interactive lessons, and professional teachers.

This proven method grows fluency and language skills that you can use in real life.

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No boys allowed.

No disrespect, guys, but this is a female-only community where ladies from around the world unite to perfect their English.

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Fluency is our method.

Our professional English teachers use a combination of the communicative method and our cyclical Level Up method.

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Interactive resources help you learn faster.

Video lessons, downloads, and worksheets that help you make progress fast at home, work, or anywhere, anytime.

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Speaking lessons and private classes anytime, anywhere.


Our website and courses give you immediate access to our professional teachers and full set of learning tools, giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn effectively and enjoy the process. Learn whenever you want; at home, at work, on a walk, in the car - you choose.

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Top English courses that grow fluency.

Individual courses, group courses, professional courses, intensive courses, and more.



Online English Classes

  • SPEAK¬†LIVE face-to-face with a native teacher every day.
  • Master pronunciation by¬†regular speaking practice with partners.
  • Topics that will help you in real life.
  • Speak and BE UNDERSTOOD by people around the world.
  • BONUS: 24/7 live room
  • BONUS:¬†24/7 group chat (like WhatsApp)
  • BONUS: 24/7 news feed (like Facebook)
  • SUPER BONUS: Challenges and community
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Level Up Mastermind

How To Think In English

✅ Two Mastermind Calls Per Week: We run two learning calls per week that are approximately 1 hour each.

✅ Spotlight Seat Calls: The spotlight seats are where you can bring any problem, question, presentation, email, or other problem to the table and we'll help you solve it.

✅ Theory Calls: The theory calls are where we go in depth about everything related to how to think to improve your English and we break it down into the details of how things work, why they work, and how you can use it yourself by giving you a deeper understanding.

✅  Level Up Slack: This is the soul of Level Up. We have a private workspace where you can get help with anything in between the calls and also connect with everyone else.

✅ Level Up Community: A private wall for posts and a private group chat for Level Up members only.

✅ Everything inside English-Everyday: daily live speaking lessons, 24/7 live room, group chat.

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Individual, Private Lessons

Personalized Focus on Your English Needs

  • Each lesson is 60 minutes long.
  • Individual communication
  • Personal feedback and error correction
  • Work on presentation, emails, work projects, or personal goals.
  • More practice, faster results
  • Every lesson is focused on your specific needs.
  • Choose the best date and time for you.
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‚ô•ÔłŹ Trusted by¬†ladies around the world.

Find out why women from over 100 different countries choose our programs.

More feedback from our students


"I have studied for a long time, and I think this program is the most effective one available."


"English For Ladies is the perfect place to learn English and connect with like-minded ladies from around the world."


"When I started English For Ladies, I was worried if I would be able to express myself in English, but the topics were so engaging that I always had a lot to share with other ladies in the group."


"The best part about English For Ladies was being able to connect to other ladies from around the world."


"My English has improved a lot and that has makes me more confident at work."


"The program's focus on practicality is outstanding. I appreciated how it integrated real-life scenarios, dialogues, and role-playing exercises into the learning process."


"The teachers inside English For Ladies are mentors who genuinely care about their students' progress."


"The supportive community of learners was a pleasant surprise. I formed lasting friendships and connections, adding a social dimension to my learning experience."


"My speaking skills have improved a lot due to consistent practice in a community I felt loved and appreciated."


"I loved the flexibility and the challenging yet engaging and fun learning."


"I have studied with English for Ladies a long time and I think this program is the most effective one available."

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