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The English for Ladies Story

Qendresa has always been an ambitious teacher who was in search of new and innovative ways to get results for her students. She started her first teaching business in England where she was helping foreign women living in the UK learn to speak English and realize their true potential.

Having already had such extensive experience teaching English, Qendresa became very passionate about helping other women empower themselves through the English language. She had already got great results for a lot of women and wanted to do that on a larger scale.

She knew that the traditional way of teaching was extremely limiting for both the student and the teacher. Qendresa understood that this problem was especially frustrating for women who were already so busy being a mother, being a wife, or just being a modern woman with an active lifestyle. Not being able to find the time to practice English felt disempowering for many of those women.

Out of this frustration Qendresa decided to create a program specifically for ladies, which was accessible to all the ladies of the world. She knew they wanted a program that got them guaranteed results and helped them thrive as they improved their English.

So, she made it for them.

That's when she created English-Everyday For Ladies

In this unique English-Everyday For Ladies program, any lady can become a confident English speaker, without having to get a babysitter or dropping off kids. They don't have to drive to a language centre or take a bus into the city.

We understand that not a lot of mums and wives and busy professionals have time to spare, so we've made sure they get the opportunity to practise English every single day, from the comfort of their own home, and using just a laptop or a phone.

They can even participate in a live lesson from their car or watch a recorded lesson while waiting for their kids to finish their football sessions or ballet lessons.

We want all ladies to have the chance to learn English and express themselves on topics they care about. Our community of inspiring ladies from around the world is joined by our amazing professional English teachers to give ladies huge results. 

See you at the next lesson!

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