English-Everyday for Ladies

The program where women break barriers and become confident English speakers


Start Speaking Today

English-Everyday For Ladies was created with you in mind if 

  • You have been learning English for years, but still find it difficult to have a meaningful conversation in English.
  • You can understand most of what others say but struggle to find the right words to express yourself
  • You can't find anyone to practice English with
  • You recognize that this hinders your ability to seize opportunities and achieve your goals and dreams because you're unable to express your true personality and reach your full potential in English.


If you think this is for you I can't wait to speak to you on our next lesson and guide you in your English learning journey.  I can't wait to see you build your confidence and use English as a tool to attract more opportunities, success and freedom.


Calendar of Lessons

Join our live lessons, get answers to your questions! Get feedback in real-time!

What You Get In

English-Everyday For Ladies Program


Speaking Lessons In A Live Classroom with our professional teachers


Welcome call and ongoing support from our team



Flexibility to study anywhere on any device


Study plan with recorded lessons 


Community of ladies from around the world


Student Chat to share, connect and celebrate successes


How It Works

Log In and Start Learning

Every student gets access to our video library that includes all previous lessons and the schedule of all upcoming lessons. Every lesson is available from any place with an Internet connection. You can study in your car, on the beach, in your office, or anywhere!

Join a Live Lesson or Watch the Replay

Students can join live lessons with professional teachers and native speakers and have opportunities to speak about different topics, get real-time feedback and have their questions answered. If they can't participate in the live lessons, they can watch recorded lessons. Topics and times of lessons are scheduled a month in advance.

Expand your vocabulary daily

Becoming fluent in a language requires a wide range of vocabulary, that's why we send you the words of the day to learn, practice and build your confidence to talk about any topic with ease. 


Speak Now



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More About English-Everyday For Ladies

Log On From Anywhere

Our system lets you log on from your computer, phone, or tablet and participate in live lessons with professional teachers. All you need is an Internet connection!

New Topics

Learn new vocabulary, words, and phrases about real-life topics. Get practice speaking about a variety of topics we really care about.

Speaking Practice

Practice speaking with professional teachers, native speakers, and other ladies. Learn pronunciation and get experience, while having fun!

Recorded Lessons

You get access to the recordings of past lessons and get new lessons daily. You can always log in to your account to review lessons and learn something new.

Scheduled Lessons

We schedule lessons and announce which topics will be discussed on which days so you can choose which lessons you want to participate in and plan your studies.

Expert Guidance

English-Everyday For Ladies is led by experienced, professional teachers with tons of experience and native speakers who can provide valuable insight into using the language.

Frequently Asked Questions

English-Everyday For Ladies is a general English program for ladies. You must be 18+ to join.

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