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  • What goals you need to have to get the best results 
  • The importance of speaking in English as soon as you start learning
  • How to build your English vocabulary fast
  • The three most important things to do to improve your English in no time

  • Free resources to help you learn English
  • The best resource to use to improve your SPEAKING
  • Free English learnings downloads
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Qendresa Bedra is a professional English teacher with 10 years of teaching experience.

She has taught hundreds of students and is considered one of the top teachers in the world.

She has taught more than 20,000 hours of lessons and is the owner and founder of multiple English teaching businesses helping women empower themselves through English.

Qendresa usually charges a lot of money for her teaching services, but in this seminar, she teaches you the same information for FREE.

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Here's What Students Say


Merita Rexha- Tershana

Pianist, Vice-Dean and Professor at University of Arts  From Albania

My speaking lessons with Qendresa significantly helped me enhance my grammar comprehension skills, as well as gain confidence when engaging in different dialogues in English. Every class was challenging, productive and fun!


Kristina Pando, Canada
From Albania

Professional Hairdresser

 Qendresa  is very professional and has exceptional teaching skills! With her guidance I was able to communicate, write and comprehend the English language quite well in a very short period of time. Learning a new language can be very challenging, but Qendresa made sure I felt comfortable by following my pace. I appreciate and admire the effort, patience and passion she puts into her work. Her support through my learning journey has been nothing short of amazing.

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