Attract opportunities by highlighting your unique personality in accurate English.

Step-by-step guide to using English to attract success in the next 12 weeks.


Can you believe it?

Imagine waking up in the U.K. and making important connections with interesting people in English.


That is what happened to me: I achieved success in English.

You know you want more but you don't know where to start?

I know exactly where you are because I've been there.


This was me in 2009 before using English to attract success.

I started teaching in 2012.

I taught different age groups in nurseries, language schools and professional schools. I worked, mornings, evenings and weekends to get a decent wage.

Then I realised that English was power and I wanted to help empower more ladies around the world.

After working as an English teacher for 8 years, I decided to start my own business and help more ladies worldwide empower themselves through English. 

The question I still ask myself to this day is: How would my life be different if I had the courage to do this earlier?

Today, I use my experience to help other ladies improve their English and empower themselves :


... as they become confident English speakers.


I know exactly what it takes to get a lady from a disempowering "I will never learn English and I will never get a great job" to building English-speaking confidence, self-confidence, and self-belief.

I will answer your questions personally and guide you all the way.


My unique system has been proven to work for ladies across the globe. 


It took me years to understand and use my advantages as an English speaker.


How did I do that?

I started working for companies based in UK, Canada and America, so my time was worth more. 

But most importantly - I discovered that English was power and with English by my side, I didn't have to limit myself to my country's rate of teaching. The doors of opportunities were wide open.

And then I decided I wanted to help other ladies understand and use the power of English. 

My goal became:

To help 1,000,000 ladies empower themselves through English, so they can share their greatness globally, not just locally.


Here's our progress so far:

Kristina Pando

Professional Hairdresser

"Qendresa  is very professional and has exceptional teaching skills! With her guidance I was able to communicate, write and comprehend the English language quite well in a very short period of time. Learning a new language can be very challenging, but Qendresa made sure I felt comfortable by following my pace. I appreciate and admire the effort, patience and passion she puts into her work. Her support through my learning journey has been nothing short of amazing."

Merita Rexha-Tershana

Pianist, Vice-Dean and Professor

"My speaking lessons with Qendresa significantly helped me enhance my grammar comprehension skills, as well as gain confidence when engaging in different dialogues in English. Every class was challenging, productive and fun!" 


Leandra used English to immigrate to Canada.


Paula Mindra

Business owner

''English-Everyday For Ladies program, helped me build my English-speaking confidence and in the process, my whole confidence grew. With Qendresa's support and motivation, I was ready to get out of my comfort zone and dared to dream more for myself and my family.''

Galina Georgieva

Primary School Teacher

''Over the years, I have tried different methods to improve my language skills, and two years ago, I accidentally came across the program "English for Ladies." As a Bulgarian speaker, I had extreme difficulty speaking and thinking in English. A friendly and supportive environment encouraged me to feel confident and motivated. I have improved my language skills in all aspects, and my teacher is very competent and dedicated, which contributes to a pleasant and productive learning environment. I have made a lot of new friends in the program, and I can share everything with them without any hesitation. I love the lessons and I am so thankful that I found a teacher who helped me change my life.''

Have you been wanting to improve your English and open the doors to worldwide opportunities for way too long?

Well, you don't have to be like me and wait for ages to do that.

You can start by committing to learning something in English every day. No matter how small. Everything great starts small.

What you don't need: 

❌  a previous certification in English

❌ to attend in-person meetings or seminars

❌ large investment


What you do need:

Have at least an Intermediate level of English

✅ Attend our live coaching sessions

✅ Complete the tasks given to maximise your results

✅ Have clear goals of what you want to achieve by the end of our program

Does this actually work in practice?

Oh, yes!


Krenare made deep connections with other ladies in English.



Who Is It For?

 EFL Accelerator is for you if you are a lady who wants more from life and is ready to show her true potential to the world and needs the confidence of knowing that you are making the right impression when communicating in English. If that sounds like you, you're probably struggling with time management, making English a consistent part of your life, lacking confidence, perfectionism, or just not knowing if you are expressing yourself appropriately.

   What Does It Help You To Achieve?

     EFL Accelerator will help you to achieve the following in 90 days or less:

ensure you have an English language persona that will attract opportunities and success

structure your thoughts logically and express your ideas clearly and with confidence

read faster and understand faster speech, identify and use important information

feel more confident, plan effectively, and make consistent daily progress with your speaking skills

increase your grammatical accuracy and improve your pronunciation so that your speech sends positive vibes



Step-by-step guide to help you build unshakable English-speaking confidence in the next 90 days

without boring books or unnecessary content.

Only practical advice and easy instructions to great results in a short period of time.


How does it work?

This program gives you the guidance, skills, and mentorship you need to achieve a personal transformation

  • 12 Weeks of Personal Coaching: Our team's full attention is focused on ensuring your success
  • One year speaking program: Continues speaking practice on diverse topics with ladies from around the world to help you build connections in English
  • Group Coaching: Weekly Q&A calls where you can get your questions answered and problems solved quickly
  • Community: A private community of international ladies where you can get support and motivation 
  • Feedback: Weekly check-ins that focus on implementing key steps, increasing your fluency, and communicating more quickly
  • Support: Reach out to our team of highly skilled coaches when it's convenient for you

What's Inside?

Attract opportunities by communicating accurately and fluently

12-Week Online Training

Each week of the training takes you step-by-step through the process of communicating your unique ideas in English, from beginning to end.



Overcome Obstacles And Achieve Goals Faster

Mentoring And Coaching

Most courses end as soon as you step out of the classroom. But in the EFL Accelerator, you get coaching and mentorship when you get stuck or need help - when it's convenient for you. You also have weekly Q&A calls, daily activities, live calls, and workshops where your questions are answered in detail.

Improve Faster By Getting Corrections And Advice

Personalised Feedback

You will get the personal help of our team of experts. Unlike simple copy-and-paste templates that lack imagination, you will get tailored suggestions and advice on how exactly to increase the fluency of your communication.

12 Weeks of Rapid Growth

We understand that people are different and move at different speeds. Our focus is on getting results. Unlike other programs, we will respect your time and dedicate the next three months to maximizing your return on investment. The only way to fail is to give up...or never start at all.

Take on the characteristics of a person who attracts success, identify opportunities for growth, and feel confident that people see and hear the best version of you




Get the following bonuses when you enroll today ...


(Value $3,000)

✅ You will get continuous training and live workshops every week.

✅ You can review them in the Live Calls program in your course library.

✅ I will teach workshops that focus on a variety of English skills.

✅ We will do a deep dive into your English learning challenges during Q&A calls.



(Value $1,200)

✅ Build your speaking confidence as you practice speaking about different topics

✅ Make international connections and speaking partners

✅ Expand your vocabulary and enhance your grammar with our Study Plan

✅ Express your ideas and thoughts with ease in a community where you feel supported and motivated



Get the following bonuses when you pay in full today ...


(Value $2,000)

✅ You will get continuous training and live workshops every week.

✅ You can review them in the Live Calls program in your course library.

✅ I will teach workshops that focus on a variety of English skills.

✅ We will do a deep dive into your English learning challenges during Q&A calls.


(Value $2,000)

✅ I will help you reach your English learning goals faster as I plan your success based on them. 

✅ I will analyse your English level and guide you through our program to help you achieve results faster.

✅ I will advise extra resources you could use to accelerate your vocabulary based on your individual needs.

✅ I will show you the exact strategies that have worked for other students around the world.

This bonus is only available to those who join today.




A Complete Implementation Program.